Bungee Jump
It is Korea`s highest bungee jump 62-meters. Jump down to feel extreme thrill while facing beautiful Cheongpung Lake. I recommend you to not look down when you are at the top of the tower! By the way, don't worry! It's absolutely safe, our special dual safety belt is attached and artificial pool is set up at the falling point of the lake.
Big Swing
Do you want to fly like Super man? Then this ride is the right one for you! You will be drawn up to 40m high point and drop down forward drawing semi-circle under no-gravity.  Feel the nature that can’t be found in a normal theme park. It requires 2~4 people, challenge this with your friends, family or your lover.
Appeared on famous Korean TV Show! (SBS Running Man, KBS2 2 Days & 1 Night)
Ejection Seat
It's also known as 'Slingshot' or 'Reversed bungee' as it starts from the ground to the sky, unlike Bungee Jump. The original meaning of the Ejection Seat is a system designed to save the pilot  in aircraft in case of an emergency. When the seat flies away, the instantaneous velocity reaches 120 kilometers, and it soars up to 60 meters. It spins around 360-degrees in the air. 
Appeared on famous Korean TV Show! (SBS Running Man)
Cable Coaster​
Our Cable Coaster (a.k.a Zip-line) is the longest in Korea with 1.4km roundtrip. From the tower, you will descend to landing point cross the lake for only few minutes. Enjoy the thrill of flying across the lake! It links between Cheongpung Land and Gyo-ri Tourist Attrations.
Bungee Tower Experience Course
Do you want to enjoy the beautiful view on the top of the Bungee tower but you don't really dare to jump?
Then this 'Bungee Tower Experience' is the one for you! You will be followed same procedure as Bungee Jump users, wear safety harness(equipment) then take lift to the tower. Once you reach at the top, you will be amazed by its beautiful view. You can take photos or videos to keep precious memory with your friend, family or your lover.