Nearby Tour Attractions
Cheongpung Cultural Heritage Complex

Cheongpung Cultural Heritage Complex contains a variety of cultural heritages and artifacts that were collected from the region before it was flooded in 1985 during the construction of Chungjuho Lake. Here, visitors can see Hanbyeokru Pavilion, Seokjo Yeoraeipsang Buddha, Paryeongru Pavilion, Geumanmru Pavilion, Geumbyeongheon Hall, Eungcheonggak Pavilion and the Cheongpung Confucian School as well as nearly 2,000 household artifacts. It has become an outdoor museum of the glorious culture of the upper reaches of Namhangang River. 

Contact : +82)43 - 647 - 7003

Cheongpung Lake Monorail

Cheongpung Lake Monorail is an experiential monorail, stretching out for 2.6㎞ from Dogok-ri, Cheongpung-myeon, Jecheon-si to Bibongsan Mountain (531m). When taking a walk from Dogok-ri, it takes 1 hour to reach the peak of Bibongsan Mountain. However, it only takes an effortless 20 minutes by the monorail. Taking the monorail is good for seniors or people with disabilities to enjoy the beautiful scenery of Cheongpung Lake.

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Cheongpung Lake Pleasure Boat

The ferry offers great views of the lake and its surroundings. In particular, the most popular course is the route between Cheongpung and Janghoenaru including Oksunbong Peak, Gudambong Peak and Geumsusan Mountain. Boarding takes place in front of Cheongpung Cultural Heritage Complex.

Contact : +82)43 - 647 - 4566

Neungkang Sotdae Art Museum

Neungkang Sotdae Art Museum in Neunggang-ri of Jechun-si City in Chungcheongbuk-do Province is a museum of 'sotdaes,' which are ancient prayer poles with a duck or bird-shaped figurine on top that were usually placed at the village entrance. Many of these artifacts can be found inside and outside of a modern structure at the museum site, which is located near the vast Chungju Lake. Other nearby tourist attractions include Neunggang Valley that is situated at the foot of Geumsusan Mountain and surrounded by lush pine forests, rocky cliffs, streams and waterfalls. There is also Jeongbangsa Temple, which is told to have been built by the renowned Buddhist priest, Uisang, during the Silla Kingdom.

Contact : +82)43 - 653 - 6160