Jecheon International Music & Film Festival

As the first festival in Korea to celebrate films about music, the Jecheon International Music & Film Festival (JIMFF) aims to expand this genre of films and contribute to the diversification of film festivals. The main program shows music-themed films and documentaries from around the world, while the music program stages multiple concerts featuring various popular and alternative musicians. In addition, up to 30 aspiring music film directors are accepted into the Jecheon International Music & Film Academy for a chance to learn about music film composition and production from expert music film directors. Moreover, a wide array of local dining experiences, sightseeing options and accommodations are available nearby for an enhanced JIMFF experience. 

Website : http://www.jimff.org/eng/

Cheongpunghoban Cherry Blossom Festival

Cheongpungho Cherry Blossom Festival is held in the Cheongpung Lake area of Jecheon when varied spring flowers such as white cherry blossom, forsythia and azalea are in full bloom. Visitors can enjoy exhibitions and performances as well as other activities like bungee jumping operated by Cheongpungho Lake, and water sports and leisure activities all in one spot. Cheongpung Cultural Heritage Complex and SBS Filming site in Jecheon are also situated near the lake for tourists to visit to the area.

For more Information : +82)43-641-4870

(Jecheon City Culture & Art Committee )